De Jong Law Group, Ltd.

Derek Letellier

Court Reporter Services Chicago IL
March 7, 2016

As professional negligence attorneys representing clients who are catastrophically injured, many of the witnesses we depose use medical terminology and the issues involved are often complex. Despite these challenges, the quality of court reporting provided by Urlaub Bowen & Associates is exceptional.

The reporters at Urlaub Bowen & Associates are knowledgeable, professional and accommodating to every request. They go above and beyond what is required so that the best, most accurate and timely transcript is produced every time. During the depositions, these reporters do not hesitate to provide technical support to utilize realtime and their accuracy with realtime is unmatched.

Urlaub Bowen & Associates consistently exceeds our expectations in their final product. Simply put, we cannot recommend Urlaub Bowen & Associates highly enough. They are the best.