Legal Video Depositions in Chicago.

Legal video depositions provided by Urlaub Bowen & Associates

Urlaub Bowen & Associates is proud to offer high-definition legal video recording for depositions to complement our existing array of court reporting, video conferencing, and litigation support services.

Our staff of highly-trained and experienced legal video specialists are available to record witnesses in the Chicago area and nationally with our vast network of partner firms. From videotaping discovery depositions to recording evidence trial testimony to courtroom playback, our experts are available for all your legal video recording needs.

We provide the following legal video deposition services:

  • Discovery deposition recordings – Great for videotaping experts, plaintiffs, defendants, and key witnesses.
  • Evidence depositions – For providing recorded witness testimony for video playback to a jury.
  • Independent Medical Examination (IME) – Provide compelling visual evidence for your case.
  • Receive video digitally and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Pair with our expert court reporting services.

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Deposition Video Services
Offered by Urlaub Bowen & Associates

Record discovery video depositions, evidence deposition video recordings, and more.

Legal video deposition services offered at Urlaub Bowen & Associates in Chicago, IL.
  • Discovery Depositions

    • Video record key witnesses to capture context not available in just the transcript.
    • Video deposition testimony of key witnesses such as medical experts.
    • Synchronize video transcripts to follow testimony line by line with the video recording.
  • Evidence Depositions

    • Record trial testimony for witnesses who can’t attend in person.
    • Our expert legal videographers can edit out objections, breaks, and dead air as approved by a judge.
    • No courtroom playback equipment? No problem. We have everything you need to display testimony at trial.

  • Delivery Options

    • Receive a DVD recording playable in any DVD disk player or computer with a DVD reader drive.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint with digital delivery from our repository.
    • Bundle synchronized video transcripts with exhibits and have your case files in one location.
    • Access your digital transcripts, exhibits, and video from any device anywhere with internet access.
  • Combine Services

    • Use our court reporters, legal videographers, and conference rooms and avoid the hassle of hiring three companies for one deposition.
    • Can’t attend a deposition in person? We’ve got you covered. Video conference into a deposition recorded by our legal videographers and review the recording later.
    • Stream the transcript and video over the internet from any device.
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Donna Urlaub, senior court reporter and co-founder of Urlaub Bowen & Associates.
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Recorded Video Depositions – Perfect for your next case.

Urlaub Bowen & Associates is known not only for our award-winning excellence in court reporting, but also for their service-oriented dedication, assisting and enabling their clients with whatever litigation service they need. Therefore, we provide highly-qualified, trained, and certified legal videographers driven by the same meticulous attention to detail that our court reporters have provided Chicago for over 30 years. We provide our clients with high quality video recording, editing, and graphic and trial presentation options to add on to our world-renown court reporting services. Contact us today for more information regarding our legal video deposition services.