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Court reporters with deep ties to Chicago.

UUrlaub Bowen and Associates is the successful vision of its partners and co-founders Donna Urlaub and Nick Bowen. Our experience and commitment to excellence have established a solid reputation for Urlaub Bowen & Associates as one of the best court reporting agencies in Chicago and the Midwest.

Court reporting stenography machine similar to machines used by court reporters at Urlaub Bowen & Associates in Chicago, IL.
Donna Urlaub, senior court reporter and co-founder of Urlaub Bowen & Associates.
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A Commitment to Excellence.

Donna Urlaub, co-founder of Urlaub Bowen & Associates court reporters in Chicago, IL.

Donna Urlaub

Despite their professional achievements, Donna Urlaub and Nick Bowen are working owners and remain committed to providing exceptional service for their clients. They work directly with customers and side by side with their tight-knit family of Certified Shorthand Reporters.

Donna Urlaub demonstrates her personal drive to continually succeed by competing yearly in the national and state speed and realtime court reporting contests of which she has proven the champion many times. Donna and Nick also take leadership roles in the court reporting industry, including involvement with the Illinois Court Reporters Association and MacCormac College. Their names in the litigation support field have become synonymous with court reporting excellence.

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Strong Personal and Ethical Values.

Urlaub Bowen is service-oriented, not simply product-oriented, and we strive to make each customer's experience enjoyable and fulfilling from beginning to end. We have created a strong, family environment among our group of highly qualified court reporters backed up by a knowledgeable and helpful support staff. This genial atmosphere produces satisfied, customer-oriented employees who are equally committed to the company's vision of excellence. In keeping with our reputation for outstanding achievement and superior legal services, Urlaub Bowen maintains strict quality control, which ensures happy customers for years to come.

In addition to Urlaub Bowen's quality litigation support services, we have undertaken a sincere and deep commitment to protecting the environment by reducing waste and taking further steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have implemented our company-wide green initiatives with several practical measures. These include printing all transcripts on 100% postconsumer content paper made without chlorine or chlorine compounds; all exhibits are digitally archived and can be provided on CD or as PDF attachments; transcript covers are made from 60% recycled stock; toner cartridges are reused and refilled; all paper within the office is reused and recycled; we have installed motion-sensor light switches; and are avid participants in the enhanced recycling program for paper/aluminum/glass, recently instituted by our building owner, Kennedy Associates, a US EPA 2009 Energy Star Partner of the Year.

Whether it be by our excellence in litigation support services, from court reporting to the final transcript, digital archiving to videoconferencing services, or by our environmental commitment, our customers know they can depend on Urlaub Bowen to continually provide expert, quality services, meet their demands, exceed their expectations, and be a valuable partner throughout the entire litigation process. Rest assured, at Urlaub Bowen, we set the bar high.