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UUrlaub Bowen and Associates is the successful vision of its partners and co-founders Donna Urlaub and Nick Bowen. Our experience and commitment to excellence have established a solid reputation for Urlaub Bowen & Associates as one of the best court reporting agencies in Chicago and the Midwest.

Testimonials and Reviews submitted by clients of Urlaub Bowen & Associates in Chicago, IL.

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The Ball Law Group

With regard to holding remote depositions with Urlaub Bowen via video conferencing: "Thanks for the kind words, and all of your great assistance!  I much prefer this method!!"

Jim Ball Court Reporter Services Chicago, IL May 19, 2020

McArdle Frost

I have been working with Donna and Nick and their wonderful crew of reporters for many years. They are professional and responsive. My firm has gotten personal attention and prompt service. I hope our relationship continues for many years to come.

Timothy I. McArdle Court Reporter Services Chicago IL July 16, 2018

Faklis Tallis & Mead

Nick Bowen reported my first deposition 35 years ago. Donna and Nick have been providing excellent court reporting services since I went out on my own and when Nick and I formed our law firm in 1990. Their work is exceptional and flawless. As far as we are concerned, the services of Urlaub, Bowen & Associates are a part of our everyday practice of law.

Jeffrey J. Tallis - Partner Court Reporter Services Chicago IL April 13, 2016

Costello, McMahon, Burke & Murphy, Ltd.

I am happy to write a letter extolling the performance of Urlaub & Bowen. They have been our firm's reporters for as long as they have been in business. Aside from their uncanny ability to show up on time and ready to go, there are two points that separate their work from that of other court reporting firms.'

First, when I get going during the course of a deposition, I talk a mile a minute. I try to communicate with a witness as opposed to questioning the witness with a series of canned questions. The last thing I want to hear when I am finally getting through to a witness on a person-to-person basis is to have a court reporter disrupting my questioning with requests to please repeat a question or to slow down.

Second, there are times when the subject matter of the testimony being elicited is either technical or complicated. The reporters at Urlaub & Bowen have been able to follow my questions no matter how complicated the subject matter might be. There are cases where I require a court reporter skilled enough to appreciate that reporting "hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy" is not the same as reporting "delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy."

Jim Costello Court Reporter Services Chicago IL March 7, 2016

Marino & Simonetti

Nick Bowen and Donna Urlaub and their court reporters have worked with me since 1985. They have been the court reporters for hundreds of depositions I have taken along with numerous cases I have brought to trial. They are always accurate, pleasant and punctual. If any problems arise they are always helpful in quickly remedying them.

Our firm uses Urlaub & Bowen Court Reporters exclusively and plans to continue doing so in the future. I enthusiastically recommend them to any attorney taking a deposition or trying a case in the Chicago area.

Frank C. Marino Court Reporter Services Chicago IL March 7, 2016

De Jong Law Group, Ltd.

As professional negligence attorneys representing clients who are catastrophically injured, many of the witnesses we depose use medical terminology and the issues involved are often complex. Despite these challenges, the quality of court reporting provided by Urlaub Bowen & Associates is exceptional.

The reporters at Urlaub Bowen & Associates are knowledgeable, professional and accommodating to every request. They go above and beyond what is required so that the best, most accurate and timely transcript is produced every time. During the depositions, these reporters do not hesitate to provide technical support to utilize realtime and their accuracy with realtime is unmatched.

Urlaub Bowen & Associates consistently exceeds our expectations in their final product. Simply put, we cannot recommend Urlaub Bowen & Associates highly enough. They are the best.

David De Jong and Sharon O'Connell Court Reporter Services Chicago IL March 7, 2016

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