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Brett SchatzleBlog

Hey there.  Just checking in on you.  At this point we’re about 4 months into this era known as COVID-19 (but in 2020 terms it’s more like 5 years), and it’s possible that you’ve just resorted to watching random YouTube videos and calling it “work” just to keep your sanity.  I feel you.  The struggle is real if you’re still working from home.

But while you’re filling up your work schedule watching random YouTube videos, perhaps you can pencil in UBA’s YouTube channel (link below) and check out our Zoom tutorials.  At least you can say these videos are educational.  No employer can argue with that.  Plus, you may be able to teach your boss a thing or two about Zoom.  Bonus points!

Oh, and if you like what we’re doing, go ahead and subscribe to our channel.  You’ll get notifications whenever we post a new video, so you can continue your YouTube watching and classify it as educational.  It’s a win-win.

Happy viewing!