Why UBA Shares Information with Court Reporters

Brett BovaBlog

Knowledge is power – we all know this. 

Freelance reporters, how often have you entered a job without a clue about its nature? No caption to complete your title page? No heads-up to what words will be thrown at you so you can prepare your job dictionary? 

Imagine just starting as a new court reporter. Walking into a job with no information can be intimidating. Not only that, you have to spend a good bit of time after the job playing investigator, digging up any information you can to help you with your transcript. This can consume valuable editing time and push you closer to burnout.

As a court reporting firm, we understand our reporters’ time is valuable. We know that when we include our reporters in the information loop, they become more efficient on the job because they are well-prepared. This is one of the main reasons Donna Urlaub started this business – she believed sharing information is valuable, and everyone should have access to it.

We make sure the information we share with our reporters is current by doing the following:

  • Our office always requests a Notice from our clients when jobs are scheduled.
  • Our office staff updates each case daily, ensuring that our reporters receive the most current information included in their job assignments.
  • Our office staff prepares updated word lists for each case daily, enabling our reporters to prepare their job dictionaries as necessary.

At UBA, providing our reporters with updated case information is one of the ways we support them. If you’re a freelance reporter and are interested in knowing more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to contact Dayna Trotta at dayna@urlaubbowen.com.