Let Us Be Part of Your Quaran-Team

Brett BovaBlog

It’s completely normal to feel like you’re drowning in all sorts of responsibilities in this abnormal time.  But when it comes to having successful Zoom depositions, you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone on an island trying to figure out what to do next.

If you’re short on support staff, or if you’re a first-timer to Zoom, let us help get you to where you need to be.  Let us be part of your “quaran-team”!  And as part of your team, we’re happy to assist in the following:

-Generating a Zoom link for your deposition and emailing that link to all parties.

Marking your exhibits for you and then emailing the exhibits to all parties (unless specifically stated otherwise by you).  

NOTE:  We like to have the exhibits marked and emailed prior to your deposition.  We’re just cool and organized like that.  So we STRONGLY urge (hint, hint, wink, wink) that you get your exhibits to us in a timely manner so we can get them back to you in a sufficient amount of time.  That way, if you happen to see an error or if you happen to forget an exhibit, you can let us know, we can work with you to fix it, and no one will be the wiser because this was done in ample time and you can still have a seamless Zoom deposition.

Now, wouldn’t that make you breathe a sigh of relief?  I think so (we take what we can get in these crazy times).

-Setting up a meeting for a Zoom Test Call prior to your deposition.

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect,” and working with Zoom is no exception.  We recommend that you schedule a time to meet with our support staff prior to your deposition – preferably the day before – especially if you’re a first-timer to Zoom, so we can go over the following things with you:

    • What to generally expect when you log into Zoom.
    • An overview with some tips and tricks on how to make your Zoom deposition seamless.
    • How to use the Share Screen feature so you can become an exhibit-sharing fiend.
    • Answer any questions you may have to help ease your mind.

“But, Brett, I really hate technology.  It gives me pandemic-level anxiety on top of my pandemic-level anxiety.”

I get it. Truly.  But much like the pandemic, sometimes we just need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  However, if you’re willing to learn, we are willing to guide you.  I promise it’s not as bad as it seems.  Scout’s honor.

Now we’ve gotten to the part where you’ve tried all of the above, but you still feel like you can’t get it on your own.  Now what?

Never fear, UBA is here! (or, actually, we really never left)

Introducing our new support service.

For an additional hourly fee, a member of our technical support staff can tell your nerves to take a backseat and assist you with your Zoom deposition, specifically when it comes to managing your exhibits for you during your Zoom deposition.  But let us know ahead of time so we can have someone lined up for you.  Remember, we’re cool and organized like that.

If managing your exhibits is one less thing you’d like to worry about, LET US HELP.

During these stressful times, being stressed about your Zoom deposition should be the last item on the anxiety list.  By working with us to get your exhibits prepped in a timely manner, setting up a Zoom Test Call prior to your deposition, and letting us know ahead of time that you need additional assistance, we can help YOU succeed and ensure a seamless Zoom deposition.


P.S.  Also check out our super fabulous YouTube Channel fully equipped with Zoom tutorials to help you on your Zoom-learning journey.  If you like what you see, subscribe to our channel so you’ll be in the know whenever we release new videos.  Link is below.