Keeping Zoom Meetings Safe

Rachel SzymanskiBlog

Urlaub Bowen & Associates is cognizant of the news reports about security issues with Zoom. After monitoring Zoom’s response and efforts to enhance security, we feel comfortable continuing to host remote depositions with this video conference platform. We are taking the following steps to ensure we avoid common mistakes and keep our meetings safe:
  • We are providing a unique meeting number and URL link for every meeting.
  • We are password protecting our meetings.
  • We monitor the meeting participants as they enter and, if desired, we can lock the meeting after all expected participants have arrived.
  • File upload on the chat function has been disabled.
  • We have disabled the recording of meetings.
If you would like to learn more about how Zoom is working to keep meetings secure, please see this letter and data sheet from Zoom.
For the perspective of an attorney and a legal technology expert, see the article “Zoom is Safe for Lawyers (if you use it right).” 
We understand how important security is to the attorneys we work with, and we are committed to our role as a neutral third party and protector of the record when we host and monitor proceedings.