Are You Ready For Some Football?

Brett BovaBlog

Photo credit: NFL Memes


Well, football fans, we have made it to football season, or should I say “szn”?

Welcome to the fantasy football, cursing at the TV, your favorite player got injured in the first game and will be out for the rest of the season… season.

Do you have a fantasy team?  Whether you have a fantasy football team or five (I’m giving the side eye to my husband as I write this) or you gave up on having a fantasy team long ago because after week two, you’d forget to set your players (guilty as charged), for football fans alike, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Better than Christmas, I daresay.

Here are some of my favorite things about football season:

  • NFL Memes on social media.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re missing out.  It’s as hilarious as it comes.  It’s so funny in fact that you can’t get away with any sort of secret social media scrolling under a conference room table during a boring meeting because you’ll give yourself away by randomly laughing out loud.

**Shameless Plug Alert**

Speaking of conference rooms, did you know that UBA has three spacious conference rooms you can use for your meeting or deposition?  Spacious enough for you to do that secret social media scrolling.  Try to look at NFL Memes and not laugh during your meeting or dep.  I dare ya.  Click the link below for more details about our conference rooms.

Back to football…

  • I also love the little traditions that fans have for their teams.  I’m from Louisiana, so I’m a Saints fan.  We’re the Who Dats.  We chant “who dat say they’re gonna beat dem Saints.”  I’ve chanted that a few times when I attended Saints vs Bears games in Soldier Field and the Bears weren’t doing much bearing down (two names: Cutler and Trubisky).  I won’t rub it in since most of you reading this are Bears fans, but I will say I had a great time at the Saints/Bears games I attended, and Bears fans were a huge part of the entertainment.  So thank you for that, Chicago!
  • The smorgasbord of eats and treats for tailgating events and game-day gatherings.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s the designated place for you to retreat to for stress eating when your team decides to get goofy and racks up five penalties in the first quarter.  Being a Saints fan, I’ve had my fair share of stress eating, but luckily we go BIG for our gatherings.  We have the jambalaya, the gumbo (for when the weather falls below 70 degrees), the muffalettas, and alllll the seafood, fried of course because we don’t shy away from high cholesterol.  And, no, we don’t cook all of that for one game day.  Well, maybe some folks, but I don’t.

So, football fans, what do you love about football season?  What’s your favorite thing or things?

And just for kicks, below I’ve added a link for Emeril Lagasse’s muffuletta recipe for those of you who may want to add something new for game day.